CCW Law Class with Castillo Harper Law Group, California Highway Patrol, and USCCA - SOLD OUT July 19, 2023, Next Class Sept 19, 2023 - Don't miss out. Sign up now!

You asked for it, you got it! Our last CCW Law Class was a huge success! Thanks very much to the Castillo Harper Law Group ( and Kasey Castillo, attendees got it "straight from the source". Kasey Castillo is a foremost expert in defending police officers and sheriffs alike in "use of force" situations. She's also a United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) attorney, and can become your attorney of record if you're a USCCA member. All the instructors at Riverside CCW Training have her number locked in our cell phones in the unlikely event we need her to defend us in a use of force situation. We all feel confident that should the need arise where we are forced to call USCCA and Kasey, we'd be in solid, competent hands of an attorney who is an expert in the field. Kasey provided an overview of some of her recent cases and how they turned out for her clients. She also fielded several questions regarding the current California laws and provided examples that aided attendees in understanding the process that occurs when one finds the need to use lethal force in a self-defense situation.

We were also joined by Officer Javier Navarro and Officer Quintero of the California Highway Patrol who spoke of the recent road rage incidents occurring in the Inland Empire, how they affect others on the road, and how CCW holders have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. They provided some real insight into how a CCW holder should respond when they see those flashing red and blues in their rearview mirror. Attendees asked loads of questions, engaged both Kasey and the Highway Patrolmen in open dialogue as their understanding of the laws, as they pertain to CCW holders in California, affected them.

We couldn't have a complete, well-rounded course without the folks from USCCA. Eric Lahoy was on hand to update current members to changes and to sign up new members. Some of the attendees were members of other insurance companies and decided to migrate over to USCCA after hearing Kasey, Eric, and other attendees, speak of the outstanding services USCCA provides their members. It was an amazing night and due to the overwhelming response and feedback after the session, we will add these classes as a staple to our other information packed classes monthly. Be sure to check the schedule for the next course! You'll be glad you did!

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