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Basic Courses

Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) Test

This is your first step in firearm ownership. The FSC is required to purchase a firearm in the State of California. The FSC is valid for five years.
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NRA Basic Pistol Course

NRA Basic Pistol Course and Prep for the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC), which may be taken after completion of the course.
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NRA Basic Pistol Course - Women Only

NRA Basic Pistol Course for Women addressing the unique needs of female shooters.
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CCW Courses

Prep Course

Basic firearms handling for concealed carry. Prerequisite for Initial CCW Course. Perfect for those with limited experience drawing from a holster and shooting.
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Riverside County CCW Initial Course

This is the 16 hour CCW Course that meets and exceeds the new State requirements to obtain a California CCW. This is NOT a beginner course.
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Riverside County CCW Renewal

As of 1 JAN 24, this is the 8 hour course required to renew your CCW permit. If you're not a Riverside County resident, check with your city for eligibility
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CCW Modification

Add, replace, or delete, firearms on your CCW permit. Modifications to your CCW are allowed only 2 times per calendar year.
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AZ UTAH CCW Multi-State Add-On Course

Add 36 states in addition to your California CCW. Great for those who already have a CA CCW and travel outside the State of California
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CA, AZ & Utah Multi-State CCW Course

This course satisfies the 16-hour Required CCW Course as approved by the Riverside County Sheriff's. It also includes the ARIZONA & UTAH CCWs which add 36 reciprocating states to your CCW permit. The course consists of 2 concurrent 8-hour days of classroom instruction and hands-on practical qualification.
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CCW Law Course

California CCW Law Course designed to provide an overview of current California laws pertaining to Concealed Carry. Hear from USCCA Attorneys and the California Highway Patrol.
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CCW Application Completion

We scan and upload your documents and assist you in completing your Riverside Sheriff's CCW Application online. Great for those with limited or no computer skills.
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Advanced Courses

NRA Certified Instructor Course Pistol

Become a nationally recognized NRA Certified Firearms Instructor now! Prerequisite is the NRA Basic Pistol Course
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Private Firearms Training

Private, one-on-one or group, basic or advanced, firearms training. Contact us by email at,, to book your private classes.

Dynamic CCW Course

Dynamic CCW Training Course. This course is intended for the advanced shooter wanting to hone their skills with a firearm.
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