CCW Law Course

California CCW Law Course designed to provide an overview of current California laws pertaining to Concealed Carry. Hear from USCCA Attorneys and the California Highway Patrol.

Course Description

This course will be beneficial to anyone that would like further clarification on CCW laws as they pertain to the State of California. Presented by Kasey Castillo from Castillo Harper Law Group, we will discuss Federal and California State gun laws, California concealed carry basics, handgun purchase and possession laws, and allowed carry locations.  In addition, the California Highway Patrol will be on hand to discuss vehicle stops, transporting firearms, and the laws pertaining to both.  Through presentation and discussion you will learn how to navigate the legal system as a responsible gun owner and CCW permit holder as well as what you will face before, during and after a self-defense incident.

Who Should Take this Course

Anyone wishing to purchase, possess, or carry a firearm in the State of California or anyone wishing to develop a better understanding of California and Federal handgun laws.

Course Requirements

Open Mind, Healthy Discussion

What You Should Know

  • This class is complementary to the Initial CCW course
  • This is an interactive class and participation is required.
  • Questions are encouraged
  • Course topics may include:
    • Transporting a firearm from state to state
    • Carrying your concealed handgun while hiking in a national forest
    • Carrying in the 58 national parks in the United States
    • Purchasing a firearm from a private seller or individual
    • Purchasing a firearm from a person in another state
    • Inheriting a firearm
    • What prevent individuals from qualifying to obtain a concealed carry permit
    • Types of ammunition banned in the U.S.
    • Minimum age for individuals to purchase firearms/ammunition
    • Types of firearms banned in the U.S.
    • Retired law enforcement officers and concealed carry
    • How old you need to be in order to buy a handgun
    • Constitutional carry
    • Open carry
    • Magazines restriction for handguns
    • Vehicle Carry
    • Carry in bars, restaurants, and hotels
    • Storing in a car in an employee parking lot
    • Duty to Inform Officers
    • CCW linked to drivers license
    • No weapons allowed signs
    • Red Flag Law
    • Brandishing
    • Carry while using drugs or
    • And more
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