All Women's NRA Basic Pistol Course taught by ALL WOMEN!

Girls, girls, girls! What happens when a group of nearly 30 adventurous women, decide they want to learn the ins and outs of firearms safety and shooting? Well, they join us for an all women's, NRA Basic Pistol Course, taught by all women certified instructors. Many of the women arrived nervous and apprehensive, some having never fired or even held a firearm, but all of them left empowered and hungry for more! Let us help you remove you fears and apprehensions. Let us introduce you to a whole new world of firearms. Whether or not you plan to continue on to your Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit, come learn the basics of firearm safety. Join us for the next All Women's NRA Basic Pistol Course, taught by all women certified firearms instructors. Instructors Keli, Hannah, Ani, and Liz will ensure you get more out of this class than you will at any other training location, and they'll prove it!

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