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CCW Law Class with Castillo Harper Law Group, California Highway Patrol, and USCCA - SOLD OUT July 19, 2023, Next Class Sept 19, 2023 - Don't miss out. Sign up now!

You asked for it, you got it! Our last CCW Law Class was a huge success! Thanks very much to the Castillo Harper Law Group (https://castilloharper.com ...
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All Women's NRA Basic Pistol Course taught by ALL WOMEN!

Girls, girls, girls! What happens when a group of nearly 30 adventurous women, decide they want to learn the ins and outs of firearms safety and shoot ...
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UFC's Dan "Hendo" Henderson, Dakar Champ Casey Currie, and other notables join the fun at Riverside CCW Training

The experts at what they do come to us because we’re the experts at what we do. Honored to have @danhendo, @caseycurrie , @omfpe ...
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